Welcome to Chapel of the Hills

Enjoy a mountaintop worship experience every Sunday, and become part of loving community of people like you who gather together to learn about the teachings of Jesus and strive to live them out every day.


Join us for a special Out Door Worship Service at Wooded Hills Campground on Sunset Highway. .   The worship will be at 10:30 am.  You can also show up at 9:00 am for a Breakfast (Donation for the breakfast appreciated.)  Get more information here.


  • 9:30 am – Sunday School (All Ages)
  • 10:30 am –  Worship
  • 11:30 am –  Lunch (Open to All)
  • Nursery Care Available all morning

Why Should I bother coming to church?

If you have asked this question, you are not alone.  Research shows that more and more people across the country are asking this very question.  Many decide that church is not for them, or that they are too busy.  Yet depression is rampant, drug and alcohol addictions are up, and we are facing one of the most divided angry political times in our lives.

What are the solutions to these problems:  Work harder?  Sleep more?  Take a new prescription drug?  These may treat the symptoms of life, but not the underlying causes.  We are designed to be in community, connected to one another.  Families are so mobile, jobs change so frequently, we have lost our connection with one another.  The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other websites are signs of how much need connection.

In the church, we often celebrate an ancient ritual called Communion.  This word come from the same place as community.  Communion is a tangible way of experiencing God’s grace, and remembering that we are all one in Christ.  Beyond all of the ways that our society divides us into smaller and smaller groups, we celebrate that we are in fact ONE in Christ Jesus.

Come to church not simply to hear a nice message, sing some up-beat songs, and spend a couple hours of your Sunday morning.  Come because you feel that calling we all feel deep in our hearts to be connected with neighbors, friends, strangers, and the forgiving, caring, amazing love of God in Jesus Christ.

See You Sunday!

Explore this site and learn all about our church,
then plan to come this Sunday and see it for yourself.