On June 30th, we bid farewell to Pastor Kate as she will begin a new appointment July 1st.  The Bishop and Cabinet have announced that it is their intention to appoint Rev. Julie Elkins on July 1, 2021. 

Introducing Pastor Julie


My name is Rev. Julie Brewster Elkins. I am your new appointed ¼ time pastor. You are a part of a two-point charge for me, which means I have two churches that I am pastorally responsible for. I have been ordained since 1990 and this is my first two-point charge. I am choosing to look at this new appointment as an opportunity to build relationships with more people. I promise I will give you 100 % of my time and focus during my ¼ time with you. I am excited for the possibilities of being creative with you all in this new ministry we are doing. It will be challenging for us all and at times I will have to be faithful to the time constraints of ¼ time ministry (and fair to the other church which I am appointed to at ¾ time). I hope you join us at church on Sunday mornings for worship. Our new schedule is coffee with the Pastor at 9:00 am and worship starts at 9:30 am. Later this month and in August I will be scheduling some gathering times on Tuesdays to get to know you better. We will be sending information out about those gatherings later as plans are made. In the meantime, let me share a little about myself for those that did not get to meet me on July 4th . People wanted to know what to call me. I shared that Reverend is my title, Pastor is my job and Julie is my name. I answer to all of them or any combination of them…whichever you are most comfortable with. Julie is completely fine and so is Pastor Julie….however, it is whatever makes you most comfortable is completely fine with me.

I am married to Michael Elkins. We have been married for almost 36 years. October 12 will be our 36 anniversary. We have three grown children. Jenee Harlow who is married to Ben and they have two beautiful daughters named Zooey (8) and Marley (6). The Harlows live in Indiana. Paul Elkins who will be married to Mandi and her son, Robbie (3) in January. They live in Arizona. And our third daughter, Katy Elkins, lives in Newport Beach.

I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Speech Communications and a minor in Sociology. I then received my Master of Divinity at the School of Theology at Claremont in 1990. I was ordained a Deacon and was a probationary member of the conference in 1990 and became a full member and was ordained an Elder in 1994. I have served as an Associate Pastor at Glendora UMC and St. Marks UMC (in San Diego). I have served as Lead Pastor at El Segundo UMC, Costa Mesa 1st and Chapel of the Valley. I have done children’s ministry, youth ministry, senior ministry, family ministry and recovery ministry. I have also written and performed dramas and one woman shows. As a two time cancer survivor, I am very passionate about my volunteer work with the American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network where I serve as a Voice of Hope and an Ambassador of Hope advocating for Cancer research, treatments and care of patients and family.

I have interests in drama and the arts. I LOVE sports (most of them…not so much as a participant but as a spectator!) I like to camp. I am a family person through and through. I love Disney as well (Michael and I met while working at Disneyland) I also love going to the Zoo and Safari Park and Sea World. I like to travel (although I don’t get to do much of it – except to Indiana and Arizona) That is a little about me and my family. I look forward to getting to know you as well. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Together on the Journey,

Pastor Julie

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