Where do I go?


Parking at our church is primarily located behind the church in our large lot.  There is some parking on the upper level in front of the church along Viejas Boulevard.  The main entrance to the chapel is located on this upper level.  You can choose to use the outside stairs or stop by the kitchen on the lower level for a morning cup of coffee and use the interior stairs.  The nursery is located across from the kitchen on the lower level.

Sunday School

At 9:30 every Sunday morning, everyone gathers in the chapel for a few minutes of singing, then everyone is excused to follow their teachers to different classes based on age groups and the number of children present.  Adults will usually stay in the chapel for their class.


At 10:20 the children will be led back to the chapel to meet up with their friends and family and prepare for the worship service.  The worship service includes a live praise band, a time for sharing prayer concerns and celebrations, a time just for the kids,  and a message from the pastor, which is age appropriate for everyone.  The church is not a building or a room, it is the people.  When the people of all ages gather for worship we truly become the church.

Community Meal

After worship everyone is invited downstairs for a community meal.  When the weather permits, we eat outside under our large patio cover.  Different members bring food throughout the month.  Anyone can bring a dish to share and everyone is encouraged to do so when finances and schedule allow, however, it is not at all required in order to participate.  Breaking bread together, just as Jesus did with his disciples is an important part of being the church.



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